Engine Heat Protection Information
E.H.P. Technology has been
used on the Space Shuttle..

Engine Heat Protection, a long-established manufacturer and supplier of space-age pure ceramic insulation materials, has been serving the industry since 1976. We are an O.E.M. supplier to many coach/RV builders including Airstream.

E.H.P. (Engine Heat Protection) is a space age material used for insulating components from unwanted heat sources. It is available in many configurations to meet your needs structurally, cosmetically, and physically, for use as a heat barrier. Many of the E.H.P. materials can also be used as noise barriers, too. Its heat barrier characteristics are also similar to those that limit noise intrusion. E.H.P. materials can be used in almost any applications where heat (and noise) need to be minimized, including Street Rods, antique automobiles, airplanes, boats, RVs, trucks, busses, motorhomes, and even in the home.

If, for example, you are insulating an exhaust system, you will find that noise is also reduced. Wall and floor insulation will substantially reduce unwanted heat and keep noise intrusion to a minimum.

Ease of installation, accessibility, and other variables, may determine which E.H.P. product is best for your application. For additional assistance, you may contact us by our contact page, or by mail at the following address. Orders can also be taken by calling us at (951) 302-2212.

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