E.H.P. Solenoid Jackets
Jackets may be sawed, cut or sanded to fit special sizes.

E.H.P. Solenoid Jackets are designed to insulate the starter solenoid. They offer excellent insulating performance, high resistance to thermal shock and good hardness and strength over a broad range of uses. These jackets are premolded from high temperature materials capable of withstanding 2000 degrees F.

As temperatures go up so does resistance for the electricity to flow. If the solenoid becomes inefficient, it will not let enough amperage flow to the starter to turn over the engine.

These jackets may be ordered in a variety of diameters for special applications. The standard solenoid jackets come 4 inches long by 2 1/2 inches inside diameter by 3 1/2 inches outside diameter by 1/2 inch thick wall. This size will fit ninety percent of standard starter mounted solenoids. These molded jackets may be sawed, cut or sanded to fit special sizes.

E.H.P. Solenoid Jacket Applications

Solenoid Jacket uses slip-on installation

Final installation in engine block
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