Video Test of EHP Wet Blanket

EHP Wet Blanket was tested using a tailpipe section. The pipe was heated at one end and the temperature difference was extreme.

Yvan Lacroix article about EHP Rollboard

With all the information gained from EHP, and armed with boxes of insulation we moved forward, confidently. After everything was torn out, including all the wiring (that’s for another article) it was time to rebuild.
If you are converting or renovating a bus, EHP Rollboard should not be an option, it should be mandatory. You will not regret the investment, ever! Regardless of your climate, hot or cold, EHP Rollboard is by far the best investment you can make in your comfort.

Jay Leno’s Duesenberg Car uses EHP Wet Blanket

Wet Blanket used on exhaust pipe of one of Jay Leno’s Duesenbergs